Real People, Real feedback

Ruthie C. - NY

"I like that you both are open and tell it lit like it is. Your life's stories and information is a wonderful learning tool for singles as well as married couples."

Kasey S. - GA

"Wow. I didn't know if y'all were gonna tell the WHOLE story, but sho nuff!! Well, I'm enjoying. I think it's great because you've touched so many couples."

Derrick W. - CA

"Full of Hot Air is hilarious and exactly the same at my house... "Squirrel"

"Winter Is Coming is CRAZY, sobering, sad, and exhilarating all at the same time... Total blessing that you guys made it through. God is Good."

Alfreida R. - Naranjo, Guatemala

"I listen to you and Snooks whenever I get a chance to sit down and listen. Hearing about your time in the hospital made me cry, but other than that, you two have me laughing up a storm. I like it because it's so positive and cute."

Sain-R E. - TX

"If you are in a relationship or even thinking about being in one, tune in to hear a beautiful couple discuss what they have been through for almost 22 yrs. They discuss real life issues, very entertaining and funny, and drop gems at the same time."

Eric H. - UT

"I have been listening to the podcast and it is Great! I am Divorced and Dating, but the things you and your wife share keep me on point when considering relationships.”