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We met on a blind date and when we got engaged, my heart was pierced...not by Cupid's arrow, but by an old steak knife wielded by Snooks' enraged ex-boyfriend after he attacked her. I survived two open heart surgeries (one to save me, the other to fix the hole on the backside when they realized the knife went all the through). Imagine overcoming the collateral damage to our families - distrust, finger pointing, boycotting of our marriage ceremony, and my wife asking for a divorce 4 years later. 

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She has my heart; We want your ear.

Thanks to God, a whole lot of humility, and a ton of personal growth, we accepted that we "Married Into Crazy" and vowed to help a million couples navigate this minefield called marriage. (CRAZY = Compassionate, Real, Accountable, Zealous, Yielding. Listen to Ep. 39 of The Married Into Crazy Podcast.)


Ear Hustle

 We are just Real Folk sharing real talk and dropping a few nuggets about Love and Life while tackling a few taboos, stereotypes, and misconceptions confronting the institution of marriage  (and pre-marital relationships). While we can't speak for everyone, we can offer our perspective and unique brand of Marriage & Relationship Coaching. Visit our  Transformation Testimonials. Plus, if you've ever wanted to be a fly on the wall and listen to another married couple’s random conversations, here's your chance to get your "ear hustle" on with our Married Into Crazy Podcas


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MARRIED INTO CRAZY with Snooks and Lovey